Three Phase Meter Wiring Tips


    There are two ways to connect the    three phase meter   , the first one is the input 1--4 ---- 7, and the outlet 2--5 ---- 8. When wiring, you need to pay special attention to the incoming and outgoing wires, do not connect them backwards. The second is called transformer wiring, which converts large current into small current and then passes through the meter. This connection method requires 147 to be connected to the S1 end of the three transformers, and the S2 of the transformer is connected to the ground line. No matter what kind of wiring method, pay attention to the incoming line first and then the contactor outgoing line.

    In general, there are only two connection methods for wiring, namely voltage loop and current loop. The principle of wiring is that the current coil is connected in series with the load, and the voltage coil is connected in parallel with the load.

    The biggest difference between the appearance of a three-phase meter and a single phase is that it has multiple terminals. This meter is commonly used in power supply circuits with mixed power and lighting.

    The difference between single-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire

    Single-phase two-wire ------ 1 fire wire and one neutral wire.

    Single-phase three-wire ------ 1 fire wire 1 zero wire + 1 ground wire.

    Three-phase four-wire-3 phase wires and one neutral wire.

    Three-phase five-wire-3 phase wires 1 zero wire + 1 ground wire.

    Why should three-phase electric meter add transformer

    For less than 100A, no need to add a transformer, more than 100A need to add a transformer, you can change the large current into a small current before entering the meter, this is to avoid burning the meter.

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