PSO2 Monetization Strategy

  • Directly from the mouth that is devs. Fundamentally: Gacha earnings and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the number of players do not correlate. Increase or decrease of gamers do not affect the sales meaning whales account for the vast majority of sales. Rather, sales were gradually falling and one of the reasons being that costumes last forever (pre-layering era). So the need will go up, to try raising the earnings they doubled down to consumable fashion and released layering clothes. That arrived with extra development costs and wasn't enough to maintain PSO2 afloat in the state. To stay informed about the development costs they had to present new ways to gather revenue and the response has been. SG.

    They know just what they're currently doing. Not having enough SG to do isn't an exaggeration, it was by design. Yes JP has methods to get SG should you nolife PSO2. Again folks per month getting 3000 complimentary SG must account for a little number they don't care. Enough people appears to be buying it to be rewarding. Well, not profitable since they started running the SG service gacha. I know plenty of individuals who purchased SG because of this just for the first time. NA is likely an experiment where they gauge so that they can refine their model even 22, how hard can they milk whales. Anyone who played with PSU jp knows how absurd the cash catch got as it neared the finish.

    Could've have done package deals, such as introducing a set of clothing that you get ensured for paying a specific amount with a higher tier cost, containing extra accessories and clothing only available in these tiers. Gatcha functions for Japan since its ingrained in their culture but it doesn't work too well in the West. They ought to adopt a western version for the west in letting players buy what they need. Trying to nickle and dime the west and do these sleazy procedures to milk the participant base is just gonna turn an increasing number of players away with even the whales eventually just giving up on PSO2 once people have determined that PSO2 is no longer worth the attempt.

    Westerner's love package deals and the ability to find out exactly what it is that they are getting and know,"Hey this outfit with those accessories cost $50 in total." This permits players to cover for what they want and whether they don't want any of the excess stuff, they could sell it to the participant store. This also means that the more popular outfits may have a nice source as people can actually put it up for sale and the costs will not be as absurd as they're right now. Other methods they can try is allow players to purchase in game cash or let trade of AC money. An unpopular method however this means that they could remove some of the RMT Bots that is infesting PSO2 and permit f2p players to spend their mesta for AC to purchase inventory slots or private shops.

    This implies f2p players do not get turned off by the continuous pay blocks they executed and they have the feeling that should they work hard enough that they could acquire AC locked stuff together with the mesta they farmed up, that also gives individuals who buy AC currency a reason to give it out as they can receive a good chunk of mesta in return instead of relying on their AC outfit selling. The next thing they will need to do is add more perks to the premium so that it's a great deal more enticing for people to really be inclined to buy premium. Colour changes salons, greater inventory space which you buy premium. Extra perks for how many times you have purchased premium. Give gamers a reason to desire premium other afterward, you receive a personal store and a number of can you buy meseta on pso2 bonuses that could be ignored.