My OSRS account was wiped

  • I discovered in my gmail that my accounts password has been reset. So I reset it back only on the RuneScape website and buy RuneScape gold it had been no problem. I looked at the messages and status to test whether there wasn't any bans or anything if it got botted and had been clean. I then logged back onto OSRS and was at tutorial Island and had to devote a username. This was an accounts had for 10+ years. I even logged onto my RS3 account and it's where I left it and completely regular. When it had been botted id see this as okay in a way, but nowbi wont be able to play with my OG Username, even though I have it on Rs3. Is this normal for a account? Iv seen people get stats that were improved and recover theirs. Not a complete wipe. Saw my accounts password change 24 hours ago. Changed it and went on the internet to me chillin in Tut Island. I'd stats.

    I actually had an accounts I played with my friends for perhaps like a week just messing around on. I log into. Tutorial island. I thought it was amusing because I swore I'd played this account earlier, it had my main username and what. Checked my buddies list and sure enough I had a friends list with people on it and they had me in their friends list from when we played together. I am unsure what happened to the account as there was nothing in the email accounts connected to it.

    Your account isnt wiped. Accounts dont transfer from rs3 to osrs so far as such and stats go, however you can login with the and launch it from new. If youre saying that you have been playing and have trained then it seems like youre simply logging in to the wrong account. Idk just, but I do know reports dont get reset or damaged. If you mentioned it's been 3 months since you logged in last then look up your acc on the high scores.

    My accounts has been trained by me and have had it since OS release, and the account is on the highscores. I thought maybe its potential they transfered it across emails if thats possible. However, my password reset is still on my own email address once I do the password in my first account. So its like that they picked my accounts just like a lego block and misplaced it. My password resets are good to my email along with account, but when I log in im back at tutorial island. Youre logging in with the account that is incorrect partner. You may of not realized you were employing a diff acc possibly or something im not certain, but when its on HS nevertheless then it signifies its active.

    There's an insane amount of progression in RS. You hunt to get a bit, got a set of armour after a number of hours of dungeons and you also like 95 percent of the way there. Most of the development from then on was only visual e.g. mythical weapons which were actually just a fancy skin. It's not reassuring or rs 3 gold very satisfying.