Advantages of Stainless Steel BSP Fittings

  • Stainless steel BSP fittings are used very commonly in homes and workplaces all around the world. Many people are not aware of it but, most of fittings in homes are made of these steels and they have many advantages. First, the name ‘stainless steel’ indicates that they are resistant to stains, a quality that most of the other fittings cannot guarantee you. (Information Credit –


    Besides stain resistance, there are various other advantages of stainless steels;

    Rust Resistance – Stainless steel BSP fittings are made with corrosion resistant metals like chromium and nickel, which makes it rust resistant in all environments. So, they are perfect to use at home. The taps of the bathroom and kitchen are made of stainless steel for the same reason, these taps come in direct contact with water and moisture, stainless steel protects them from rust at those moments.


    Extreme Durability – Being very strong, stainless steel is also very durable. Unlike carbon steels, it does not need much repairing or replacement. It can last more than ten years, which makes it less costly.


    Heat & Pressure Resistance – Other types of materials are damaged when you expose them to high temperatures. But not the stainless steel, they withstand heat and pressure without sustaining any damage.

    The various qualities of stainless steel make it a great choice for fittings at home. There are so many fitting services available in the market. A good stainless steel BSP fitting will offer the following benefits;

    • Stainless steel is a high-grade material that is resistant to rust, corrosion, chemical leaching and other forms of post-contamination. So, it improves your water delivery system at home. Using this fitting will assure the delivery of fresh and clean water.


    • Corrosion resistance prevents any product loss. Its smooth interior prevents energy loss too. Thus, it is more sustainable than other materials and 100% recyclable.


    • Besides being sustainable, stainless steel fittings are greatly durable too. Its rust, heat, and pressure resistance allow it to be stable at any temperature, moisture, and even when in contact with the dangerous ultra-violet sunlight rays.


    • The installation of stainless steel BSP fittings is very simple, easy and fast. So, it does not take much time which results in the reduction of cost again.


    • Just like the installation, it is also easy and simple to maintain and modify the fittings. You can make or separate the connections multiple times without the risk of the pipe, seal or fitting getting damaged.


    • Stainless steel works fine with other materials. So, silicone rubbers can be used with it as a seal in the joints of pipes. Just like the pipes themselves, these seals are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. The seal’s durability depends on the temperature during operation. It can withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and 180 degrees Celsius, giving it 100 years of durability.


    All these benefits mentioned above like durability, low cost and less frequent maintenance make stainless steel BSP fittings the perfect choice for the home and workplace.