Is There Any Difference In Transmission Between Industrial Spr

  • The difference between the transmission of Industrial Sprocket and belt pulleys is settled on agricultural machinery as a case, each of which is as follows:
    For various harvesters working in farmland, most of their transmission mechanisms use transmission sheaves and transmission belts, but in the transmission process, the belt mainly depends on the friction between the pulley base or the side and the belt for transmission. These frictions will produce great The heat is mainly concentrated on the belt groove and the belt. It is difficult to dissipate in the case of poor ventilation, which greatly increases the temperature of the belt during operation, accelerates the aging speed of the belt, and greatly shortens the life of the belt. At the same time, when the agricultural machinery is working, the transmission sheave is easy to get mud in the slot, which often causes the belt to drop, which affects the normal production.
    Agricultural transmission sprockets are large combined sprockets, which will not slide when used. The structure is compact under the same working conditions, and the load on the shaft is small. The important point is that it can be used in an environment with high temperature and high humidity. The mechanical working efficiency is high (about 98%). The load that the sprocket can withstand is higher than that of the pulley, and the sprocket can maintain an accurate rotation ratio. The sprocket is generally uniform, meaning that the main body of the sprocket and teeth are made of the same material and cut. The material may include metal, plastic, or other suitable tough materials.

    Although there are differences between the transmission sprocket and the pulley, some agricultural machinery has to choose the pulley. This is also based on the needs of the agricultural machinery. However, between the two, the mechanical sprocket will be better. Use it according to your own needs. To choose.

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