China Drive Chain Manufacturer Introduces The Maintenance Proce


    China Drive Chain Manufacturer introduces reasons for the noise of Drive Chain:

    1. The wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe used to manufacture the roller is uneven, and the centrifugal force generated is relatively large.

    2. When the conveyor chain is processed, the deviation between the bearing holes at both ends and the outer circle is large, so the centrifugal force is too large. Solution: If the bearing is not damaged and noise is allowed, you can continue to use the bearing.

    3. The noise when the two shafts of the conveyor chain are different. The abnormal noise generated by the coupling between the high-speed end motor and the reducer or the coupling with the brake wheel of the drive unit is also accompanied by vibration with the same frequency as the motor rotation frequency. Solution: The position of the reducer of the conveyor chain motor should be adjusted in time to prevent the input shaft of the reducer from breaking.

    4. The abnormal sound of the reversing roller and driving roller of the conveyor chain. When the reversing roller and the driving roller are working normally, the noise is very small. When an abnormal sound occurs, the bearing will usually be damaged and the bearing seat will rattle. Solution: Replace the bearing.

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