Knowledge Of Using Transmission Chain

  • Transmission Chain  prevents heat treatment deformation: After rough machining, the gear blank is turned into a precision forging, which is normalized or quenched and tempered to achieve:

    (1) Soften steel parts for cutting processing;

    (2) Eliminate residual stress;

    (3) Refine the grains and improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the steel;

    (4) Make organizational preparations for the final handling. It should be noted that in the normalizing or quenching and tempering process, the furnace temperature must be maintained uniformly, and the work-position equipment must be used to uniformly heat and cool the workpieces, and it is strictly forbidden to stack them together. For gears that need to be drilled to reduce weight, the drilling sequence should be arranged after heat treatment. The final heat treatment of the gear adopts high-frequency quenching of the tooth surface that makes the parts less deformed; the tooth surface obtained after high-frequency quenching has high strength, hardness, wear resistance and fatigue limit, while the core still maintains sufficient plasticity and toughness. To reduce deformation. Tooth surface induction hardening should adopt lower quenching temperature and shorter heating time, uniform heating and slow cooling.