Industrial Sprocket Factory Introduces The Process Of Storage C


    Stainless steel chain is a kind of equipment commonly used in industrial transportation. It is a flexible part composed of adjacent identical or opposite identical parts. It has the advantages of multi-tooth load-bearing, safe and reliable, large middle distance range, and low processing and installation accuracy requirements. Because it is widely used in industrial production, its storage cannot be discarded at will, but a suitable environment must be selected for storage. There are also strict requirements on the choice of storage location for stainless steel chains. Next, Industrial Sprocket Factory introduces how to store stainless steel chains?

    A storage environment that is too humid will cause oxidation of the stainless steel chain, which is mainly reflected in the color of the syringe mold. If stored in a humid environment for a long time, the stainless steel chain may also rust, which will have a certain impact on product quality.

    When storing stainless steel chains, another important consideration is to keep away from high temperatures or strong light. In such an environment, the chain will undergo thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, and the increase in the volume of the chain for a long time will cause the change of the chain size, which will affect the use of the product. In addition, in a long-term high temperature environment, the performance of the chain material will change, which will also have a great impact on the later use of the chain material, which may cause tooth loss.

    If the stainless steel chain undergoes chemical corrosion in the storage environment, it is fatal to the industrial chain. Long-term corrosion will cause problems in the use of the stainless steel chain and affect the physical and mental health of the operators. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy stainless steel When chaining, first check the product to avoid buying substandard products.

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