China Industrial Sprocket Company Introduces The Strategy Of Us


    China Industrial Sprocket Company introduces the control requirements of chain system management:

    1. Realize the collective bidding for the management of the network belt management and control system, collect and display the basic parameters of mechanical equipment and system management and operation in a timely manner, and perform maintenance on the basic parameters.

    2. Before the chain is running, the system management has a fifteen-second reminder time. If everything is normal for every mechanical equipment and the operation specifications are taken into account, the chain is running normally; if the specifications do not conform to the specifications, it will be terminated immediately and the problem will be displayed.

    3. Each machine is equipped with machine equipment operation and termination function keys, which is convenient for sudden incidents, and the chain can be terminated at any time during on-site work, which can reduce the disaster caused by the incident.

    4. The direction of machinery and equipment deviates for maintenance, pull line emergency stop switch, etc., this signal is communicated with the manipulator, and the chain system management is timely repaired and maintained.

    5. The basic parameters of the conveying equipment and the system management status are displayed on the display in time. If there are general problems, the system management is only a light-controlled switch prompt; if an accident occurs, such as broken belts, misaligned directions, etc., it is a worrying situation. The machine and its upper, middle, and lower chains are terminated immediately, and the upper, middle, and upper chains are terminated in sequence.

    Through the above introduction,China Conveyor Chains Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.