China Industrial Sprocket Company Introduces How To Use The Cha


    China Industrial Sprocket Company introduced that the tightness of the chain should be appropriate. Too tight increases power consumption, bearings are easy to wear, and too loose chains are easy to jump and fall off. The tightness of the chain is: lifted or pressed down from the middle of the chain, the center distance between the two sprockets is about 2%-3%. The new chain is too long or stretched after use, and it is difficult to adjust. You can remove the chain link depending on the situation, but it must be an even number. The chain link should pass through the back of the chain, the lock piece should be inserted outside, and the opening of the lock piece should face the opposite direction of rotation.

    After the sprocket is severely worn, the new sprocket and the new chain should be replaced at the same time to ensure good meshing, but the new chain or the new sprocket should not be replaced alone. Otherwise it will cause poor meshing and accelerate the wear of the new chain or new sprocket. When the tooth surface of the sprocket wears to a certain degree, it should be turned over in time (refers to the sprocket used with adjustable surface to extend the use time.)

    The old chain cannot be mixed with part of the new chain, otherwise it is easy to produce an impact in the transmission and break the chain. The chain should be filled with lubricating oil in time during work, and the lubricating oil must enter the matching gap between the roller and the inner sleeve to improve working conditions and reduce wear.

    Precautions for the sprocket: The sprocket should be installed on the shaft without skew and swing, and the end faces of the two sprocket should be in the same plane in the same transmission assembly. In addition, when the center distance of the sprocket is less than 0.5 meters, the allowable deviation is 1 mm; when the center distance of the sprocket is more than 0.5 meters, the allowable deviation is 2 mm, but there can be friction on the side of the sprocket. If the two wheels move too much It is easy to cause chain breakage and accelerated wear. When replacing the sprocket, you must pay attention to check and adjust the offset.

    Chain manufacturing capacity is the decisive factor for chain manufacturing, and the center of chain manufacturing strength is the degree of chain manufacturing technology. The degree of chain manufacturing technology largely depends on the degree of professional chain consumption. The strength of the process equipment has a direct impact on the consumption efficiency of the chain manufacturing company, and the quality of the products and the economic benefits. In recent years, my country's chain industry has paid great attention to the investment of hardware equipment. Many chain companies have invested a lot of capital, manpower and material resources to implement the technical transformation projects of the chain-use equipment mechatronics, and have successfully developed a number of high-strength projects. The chain manufactures exclusive use of equipment and put it into use. Its professional consumption efficiency is high, the technological process is more reasonable, and the functions are more complete. This has made my country's small and medium-sized custom chain manufacturing capabilities have a significant improvement.

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