China Transmission Chains Exporter Introduces The Strategy Of U


    Chains are used in many places. Everyone should know that as long as equipment for sports is needed, it must exist, such as transportation, industrial equipment, etc. will use it. Below,China Transmission Chains Exporter introduces the precautions for the use of the chain:

    1. Temperature and freezing
    In the case of the temperature difference between day and night in winter, it may cause the conveyor device to occur.) To the east junction, while adding lubricating oil and performing maintenance, please pay attention to the change of temperature and operate the conveyor device for the conveyed materials that contain moisture.

    2. Custody of the spare chain
    In order to prevent failure, it is recommended to prepare a spare chain. When temporarily storing spare chains, please stack them in a room with low humidity. In addition, for long-term storage, please apply anti-corrosion oil. Please attach a label with the product name, drawing number, date of purchase, name of the equipment used, etc. to the chain for easy storage.

    3. When the operation is stopped
    The conveying device must be stopped in the no-load state. This is because it may cause overload when starting. In addition, if the operation is stopped for a long time, the key strip must be inspected and repaired before starting the conveying device.

    4. Fixing of parts
    Boxes, buckets, slats, and other conveying devices that are bolted to the chain may cause the nuts to loosen and fall off due to vibration during operation. Therefore, please install a buffer sheet.

    5. Cleaning
    If foreign objects or transported objects are attached to the chain or chain guide, please clean it regularly.

    6. Preventive protection of conveyor belts
    Regarding the above maintenance and overhaul, if you make a maintenance record of the conveying device, regularly record the conveying capacity, conveying speed, spindle rotation speed, current, voltage, power, actual running time, actual conveying volume, overhaul, date of adding lubricant, and accident And so on, can prevent accidents and facilitate maintenance.

    7. Storage of chains and sprockets
    Do not store the chain and sprocket in locations where there is dust, slag, or rain. To prevent the sprocket from rusting, please use a brush to apply lubricating oil, because the chain is not treated with rust at the time of shipment. When storing, please apply anti-rust oil and perform regular maintenance.

    Through the above introduction,China Agricultural Chains Exporter hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.