China Transmission Chains Exporter Introduces The Requirements


    When the chain is subjected to anti-rust treatment to solve the operation process, it is necessary to wipe the pickling paste on its surface first, and ensure that the thickness of the coating is 0.5-3 mm, and the general reaction rate is more than 3 to ten minutes at 0°C It is necessary to extend the sexual time appropriately when using it on the place with thin oxide skin.

    The China Transmission Chains Exporter recommends cleaning with a soft brush several times in the treatment method. After the surface scale is removed, rinse it with cold water. It should be noted that we must avoid rust. If cold water appears, it does not need to be discarded, stirred, or mixed before use.

    When disassembling the prefabricated parts of the chain, be sure to change the new chain and the chain in addition to ensure the condition of the toothing. It is not possible to disassemble the new chain or the new chain alone. In that case, likely, the toothing condition is not good, which will accelerate the damage of the new chain and the chain. The chain is installed on the shaft without skew or wobble.

    Therefore, the maintenance of the chain is very good. To better be able to reach a longer time limit and reduce internal losses, usually after the mechanical equipment is used, the power must be turned off immediately and the surface of the mechanical equipment must be performed on time. Clear. The chain is not easy to rust, and the service life is good.

    Through the above introduction, Hangzhou Qianjiang Agricultural Chains  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.