Industrial Sprocket Manufacturers Introduces The Composition Of

  • Industrial Sprocket Manufacturers introduced that the main failure modes of conveyor chains are as follows:

    1. The fatigue failure of the chain plate of the conveyor chain is under the repeated action of the tension of the loose edge and the tension of the tight edge. After a certain number of cycles, the chain plate will undergo fatigue failure. Under normal lubrication conditions, the fatigue strength of the chain plate is the main factor that limits the carrying capacity of the chain drive.
    2. The impact fatigue damage of the rollers and sleeves of the conveyor chain. The biting impact of the chain drive is first borne by the rollers and sleeves. Under repeated impacts, after a certain number of cycles, the rollers and sleeves may experience impact fatigue damage. This failure form mostly occurs in medium and high-speed closed chain drives.
    3. When the gluing of the pin and sleeve of the conveyor chain is improperly lubricated or the speed is too high, the working surface of the pin and sleeve will be glued. Gluing defines the limit speed of the chain drive.
    4. Conveyor chain hinges are worn and the chain links become longer when the hinges are worn, which may easily cause tooth skipping or chain disconnection. Open transmission, poor environmental conditions, or poor lubrication and sealing can easily cause hinge wear, which drastically reduces the service life of the chain.
    5. Conveyor chain is overloaded and broken. This kind of breaking often occurs in low-speed and heavy-load transmission.

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