Motorcycle Chain Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of Chai


    Motorcycle Chain Manufacturers introduces the characteristics of chain:
    1. Features of chain drive:
    ①Compared with gear transmission, it can transmit motion and power when the centers of the two shafts are far apart;
    ②Able to work under low speed, heavy load, and high-temperature conditions and in a bad environment with dusty soil;
    ③Compared with belt transmission, it can guarantee an accurate average transmission ratio, the transmission power is larger, and the force acting on the shaft and bearing is smaller;
    ④The transmission efficiency is high, generally up to 0.95~0.97; ⑤After the hinge of the chain is worn, the pitch becomes larger, causing the phenomenon of shedding; ⑥The installation and maintenance requirements are higher. The sprocket material is generally structural steel.

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