Drive Chain Manufacturers Introduces How Much Pressure The Driv


    Drive Chain Manufacturers introduced how much pressure the drive chain can withstand? What does it have to do with?

    The maximum pressure that the transmission chain can bear is related to its chain number, and the ultimate pressure of different chain numbers is different. For example, 03A-1 chain number: 15 one point ultimate tension: 1.80KN; 08A-1 chain number: 40 four-point ultimate tension: 14.10KN; 16A-1 chain number: 80 eight-point ultimate tension: 56.70KN; 36A-1 chain No.: 180 Eighteen points ultimate tension: 1.80KN; 12B-1 chain number: 60 Six points ultimate tension: 29.00KN; 20B-1 chain number: 100 One-inch ultimate tension: 95.50KN. You can find the specific load-bearing range online.

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