How To Test The Quality Of Drive Chain


    There are 3 ways to judge the quality of Drive Chain :

    1. The quality of the chain can be distinguished from the appearance
    It mainly depends on the deformation of the chain, as well as the current cracks and corrosion. The other is that the pins, rollers, and top parts can be normal. If there is any looseness, deformation, wear and fracture, and it is necessary to check that the chain will not make other sounds or abnormal vibrations during use, and ensure that the chain is Good stability.

    2. Accurately measure the length of the chain
    Before measuring, clean it up, and then wind the chain to be tested on the two sprockets so that it can have better support. When measuring time, bear a certain load on the stainless steel chain so that the chain can have good tension, and the chain can be used on the sprocket to ensure a good fit between the two sprocket, and measure the center distance.

    3. Measure the elongation of the chain
    In order to solve the gap on the chain, a certain tension must be applied to the chain to stop the measurement. In order to ensure that the measurement error is small, the measurement should be stopped at an appropriate position according to the actual situation, and then the extension length should reach the limit.

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