How To Choose The Right Connecting Bolt Of Roller Chain


    "Modulus" refers to the ratio of the pitch t between two adjacent gear teeth on the same side tooth profile to the circumference ratio π (m=t/π), in millimeters. Modulus is one of the most basic parameters of modular gear teeth.

    The larger the modulus, the higher and thicker the gear teeth. If the number of teeth of the gear is constant, the radial dimension of the wheel is also larger. The modular series standards are formulated according to the requirements of design, manufacturing and inspection. With the continuous improvement of the industrial development level, many customized mass production gears use non-standard modules, which weakens their significance.

    The stainless steel Roller Chain , as the name suggests, is a chain made of stainless steel as the main casting material. This chain has good corrosion resistance and can adapt to higher or lower temperature working environments. The main application areas of stainless steel chains are food manufacturing and processing industries, chemical industries and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. It is necessary to make some marks on the coordinated positions of the various parts of the coupling for reference during reassembly. For couplings used in high-speed machines, the connecting bolts are weighed, and the markings must be clear and not to be mistaken. When removing the coupling, the connecting bolt is usually removed first. Because a layer of grease, corrosion products and other deposits are deposited on the surface of the thread, the bolt is not easy to disassemble, especially for the heavily corroded bolt, it is very difficult to disassemble. The disassembly of the connecting bolts must be done with suitable tools, because the bearing surface of the bolt's outer hexagon or inner hexagon has been slipped and damaged, and the disassembly will be more difficult. For bolts that have been rusted or have a lot of grease, solvents are often used to spray the joints of the bolts and nuts to allow the solvent to penetrate into the threads, which will be easy to disassemble. We are adhering to the business tenet of "Pioneering and Innovating, Continuously Making Progress, Winning by Quality". The first is the emphasis on and development of human resources. Our technical backbone not only has rich production experience, but also has keen market insight. "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well." The advanced production and testing equipment and Yingkou sprocket also ensure that we can complete the business assigned by customers with high quality. Through the introduction of modern corporate management concepts and internal integration of the company, the company is in a good state of production and circulation. The vicissitudes of the business world, and we have been baptized by the market for everlasting prosperity, thanks to our passion for entrepreneurship.

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