Saved Content Of Drive Chain


    In industrial transmission, Drive Chain is our common equipment. It is a flexible component composed of the same adjacent or opposite parts. It has the advantages of multi-tooth load, safety and reliability, large center distance range, and low manufacturing and installation accuracy requirements. . As a common equipment in industrial production, we can’t just throw it away. Instead, we should choose a suitable environment to store it. There are also strict requirements for the choice of storage location for stainless steel chains.
    An excessively humid storage environment will cause oxidation of the stainless steel chain. The main manifestation is that the color on the sprocket can be changed. If stored in an excessively humid environment for a long time, the stainless steel chain may also rust. , This will have a certain impact on the quality of the product.
    Another important precaution for storing stainless steel chains is to keep them away from excessive temperature or excessive light. In this environment, the chain will expand with heat and contract with cold. Over time, the volume of the chain will increase, which will lead to changes in the size of the chain, which will affect the use of the product. In addition, a long-term high temperature environment will change the material characteristics of the chain, which will also have a great impact on the later use of the chain, and the phenomenon of tooth loss may occur.
    If the storage environment of the stainless steel chain is chemically corrosive, it is fatal to the industrial chain. Long-term corrosion will cause problems in the application of the sprocket, and it will also affect the body and mind of the operator. Therefore, it is recommended here. When you buy a stainless steel chain, you must first inspect the product to avoid buying substandard products.

    The above content is compiled and shared by the Roller Chain manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.