Drive Chain Maintenance Tips


    There are many reasons for Drive Chain to rust, so how should we deal with this more common phenomenon?

    1. It is necessary to clean and scrub the exterior of Drive Chain to remove attachments and eliminate external factors that cause rust.
    2. When cleaning, be careful and use non-abrasive things. Neither soft cloth nor plastic wipe will damage the stainless steel surface.
    3. Some chains have polished lines or "textures" on the outside. If there is a polishing line, it is necessary to scrub in the same direction as the polishing line. If the lines are not clear, you must be careful and scrub with a soft cloth or plastic pad.
    4. Use alkaline, chlorinated alkali or bleach-free detergents to clean the exterior, and also prevent the use of chlorine-containing detergents, which may form small pits or rust. If you use a detergent containing bleach, you need to wash it off as soon as possible. Especially the suspended water containing detergent, the sooner you dry it, the better. After being dried, it is naturally dried, because oxygen can protect the passive film of the chain.

    The above content is organized and shared by Roller Chain manufacturers, hoping to help those in need.