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  • Whether you are a beginner or an experienced DIY-er, there are 5 reasons why you need an air compressor. You may never want to use manual tools again! We will also discuss how to determine the air compressor that best suits your needs.


    No. 1: Air compressor is just a cool tool. Of course, it will take some time to learn how to use the air compressor, the meaning of the instrument and how to set up your production line, but once you know, everything can start from there. guess what? We will show you all the steps to set up the air compressor and hose so that you are ready to start using the tool!

    No. 2: Multi-function! You cannot beat the versatility and cost effectiveness of    air compressors   . In addition to the uses listed above, there are many other air tools that can be used with the air compressor, and there are countless jobs around the house that can help you complete the work of the air compressor. Do I need to remove wood chips from the entire garage floor? Take out the blower tool. Want to hand over bicycles from older children to younger children, but you want to change the color? Roll out the sprayer. Do I need to use new baseboards or crown strips to enhance the appearance of the room? Air nail gun will help you get the job done quickly. And, if that's not enough, pneumatic tools are more durable and durable than battery-powered or cable-drawn tools because they have fewer moving parts... there is only one electric motor that powers all the parts. This is the motor in the air compressor.

    Number 3: DIY car repair. Do you have a secret fantasy that you don’t have to pay a huge bill for a technician and do car repairs yourself? Well, for ordinary car owners who have received some instructions, usually minor tasks (such as replacing fuel filters, commissioning or installing new PCV valves) are very easy to manage (for example, check out our popular See Jane's practice video: "How to easily adjust your car".)

    However, for the average person, the tricky part is that it can be difficult to remove narrow spaces or rusty bolts... In the case where one of the bolts is equipped with a conventional ratchet and sleeve, you may spend several hours To struggle. However, a, if you use an air ratchet tool connected to the air compressor, you will unscrew the bolt within a few seconds! Air compressors allow virtually anyone to perform many car repairs completely.

    No. 4: Make spraying a breeze. With the help of an air compressor to power the spray gun, you can spray furniture, cabinets and smaller fine spray projects immediately like a professional! It’s true to paint with a brush, especially when you have time in my hand.

    However, if you don’t do this, or if you want to do beautiful painting work (such as kitchen cabinets), you need a sprayer to get a beautiful, smooth effect, which is almost what you will definitely want. Air compressors and sprayers will provide you with all this. In fact, your entire kitchen may look new and cost thousands of dollars less than buying new cabinets or hiring someone to paint you.

    Fifth point: If you have any interest in carpentry, handicrafts or architecture, there is nothing better than a nail gun to push things forward. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then to use a nail gun, you need an air compressor. The price of electric nail guns is between 200 and 500 dollars, while the price of pneumatic nail guns used with air compressors is only 50-300 dollars. Another benefit is that the pneumatic nail gun is lighter and easier to operate, and the air pressure duration is much longer than the battery charging time. Using an air compressor is a win-win situation for everyone!


    Linsheng Electrical Company     is a professional China factory that produces air compressors, and also a      Spotlight Company from China    . It mainly produces auto parts, emergency lights, emergency starters, air compressors, vacuum cleaners, malfunction lights and spotlights. It is one of China's high-quality consumer product manufacturers. Whether you choose the current product from our catalog or seek engineering help for your application, you can consult our customer service center for your purchasing requirements.