Development of Licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine


    Classification Characteristics and Development of Flat Screen Printing Machine .

    The flat screen printing is to first make a plurality of screens according to the color of the pattern, and the screen is fixed by the frame, and the mesh of the non-printed pattern portion of the screen is cut. The screen after stretching and plate making is called a color frame. When printing, paste the fabric on a long and straight table, place the color frame on the fabric, add the color paste to the color frame, and use a squeegee to scrape the color paste on the color frame to make the color paste pass through. The mesh of the portion of the screen print is printed onto the fabric.

    According to the different processing methods and processes, the flat screen printing machine can be divided into two types: net moving flat screen printing machine (commonly known as platen printing machine) and cloth moving flat screen printing machine. The net moving flat screen printing machine is divided into manual table printing. Machine and semi-automatic platen printing machine, cloth moving flat screen printing machine is divided into two types: gap in and out cloth and continuous in and out cloth.

    The Flat Screen Printer machine prints a large range of flower back length, wide mesh surface, many color sets, difficult to pass color, can print clear and delicate patterns, and the plate making is fast and easy, and the tension of the fabric is small when printing. It is suitable for light and thin, high-grade fabric printing with many varieties and small batches.

    The development of China's printing machinery industry has become a global industry. The flat screen printing machine has reached the international level in terms of production mode, technological innovation and talent training mode. In the downstream industries such as clothing, the pace of industrial upgrading, the improvement of efficiency, and the demand for green printing machinery have also seen a large number of individual needs. In the future, the development trend of printing machinery will pay full attention to technological innovation and product quality, from manufacturing to creation.