Deandre Hopkins - 99 madden mut coins player

  • Madden NFL 20 will be released on August 2, and player ratings for the game have been released on Monday. Although we've talked about madden 20 coins and ridiculous quarterback ratings, now we know which players get 99 popular ratings.

    When the game was released, there were four 99 level players. As you might expect, Aaron Donald, the Los Angeles Rams' defensive tackle, is one of them. Donald won the back-to-back NFL defensive player of the year award and was named all pro for the first team for four consecutive years, leading the NFL by 20.5 last season. The 28 year old is easy to pick.

    Another obvious choice is the Chicago Bears outside of centre back Khalil Mack. Mike also dominated the long 2018 season with 12.5 sacks and six forced misses. Mike is a first-team full-time player of three times, a professional bowler of four times, and the best defensive player of the year in the 2016 NFL. I mean, he's 99.

    Deandre Hopkins, Houston's successor to the Texans, is also the most popular. He is about to enter a season. He ranks third (115) in the NFL's catch game, second (1572) in the catch code, and fifth (11) in the touchdown. In the past two seasons, he has been named the first team all professional player, and is three professional bowler. That said, Hopkins scored 99 in front of Julio Jones, Antonio brown and others, a bold choice. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, but buy mut 20 coins are not an obvious choice.

    The final 99 are Seattle Seahawks center back Bobby Wagner, another interesting choice. Wagner finished fourth in the NFL last season 138 times, defending 11 passes, a sack, a volley and a forced failure. Wagner is a first-line full-time bowler four times and a professional bowler five times.

    Wagner is great, but I'm not sure if his threshold will be 99. Well, it's no longer the time for me to make a decision.

    I'm sure these levels will be debated until the game is released and the first round of updates comes from EA.