Sie sehen das Problem vor allem bei ArcheAge so kritisch

  • The gold that Voss is alluding to originates from these 17,000 records Just yesterday we revealed that Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman depicted and declared such measures.

    My MMO says: It is fascinating other than everything else that the announcement explicitly makes reference to the Landhack as an issue just because. In the run-up, at any rate from fan locales, it was said all the more regularly that these are basically extremely quick clickers and that it is arbitrary, that would be alright. In any case, the issue was genuine or is genuine ArcheAge Unchained Gold. This is additionally shown by a fix in the last fix: The separation that was permitted between the player and the set house was decreased. What's more, the greatest length of visit lines has been decreased. With this, a few spammers maintained a strategic distance from a square by irritated players.