Everything you need to know about the Animal Crossing

  • After eating the fruit, you need to dig up the tree blocking the path, of course, this is where your Shovel comes in handy. Right after, head on North until you get to see an area that is blocked by three trees. Just hope across the hole on your left, go down to grab the stick, and hop across the hole to your right.

    Next off, you will come across an area with three sticks and a stone. You can call it "stick holes" since it seems appropriate enough, add that for future reference Animal Crossing Bells. Hop on down and be sure to pick up all of the supplies. Then head North from the middle hole, and you will be able to come across a Worn Axe, careful since this can only be used a maximum of three times.

    Ok, after picking up the Worn Axe, head left then north until you come to see a tree. That tree will be the first target of your Worn Axe www.lolga.com. Just leave the stump there for future reference, then grab the stick and two fruits nearby. Done? Great.