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  • Start Series, as the most recent assortment of new in-game things coming to on March 11, includes the primary new vehicle of 2020, Komodo (in addition to 6 Komodo Decals), and 16 extra new things like Tremor Wheels, Tidal Stream Animated Decal, and the Meteor Storm Goal Explosion. Here is a rundown of Ignition Series Items.

    Full List of Ignition Series Items

    – Meteor Storm Goal Explosion (Black Market)

    – Tidal Stream Animated Decal (Black Market)

    – Tremor Wheels (Exotic)

    – IO Wheels (Exotic)

    – Ultralex Wheels (Exotic)

    – Framerate Boost (Import)

    – Toon Sketch Paint Finish (Rare)

    – Komodo: Takeover (Rare)

    – Sentinel: Faceted Decal (Rare)

    – Fennec: Ombre Decal (Rare)

    – Octane: Vertebrate (Rare)

    As per the official site of Rocket League Prices, players can get these things in two or three unique ways. Diagrams from the Series will begin to drop after select Online Matches. Players can gather Blueprints from the Series by finishing on the web matches. They can likewise purchase these things, alongside their painted variations, cycle through the Item Shop. In addition, they can exchange the Rocket League Ignition Series Items with different players. Last yet not the least, it is the snappiest method to purchase Rocket League Ignition Series Items from