Like a ton of things in Escape From Tarkov

  • The legend of the Weapon Safe key has been around since the time Escape From Tarkov propelled into alpha. This thing has showed up in pretty much everybody's stock except nobody has any thought how to manage it Here is all that you have to think about how to get the Weapon Safe key and what it is really going after Escape From Tarkov.

    Like a ton of things in Escape From Tarkov Items, there are two or three distinct approaches to discover the Weapon Safe Key.The key can be normally found in haphazardly positioned inside the pockets or sacks of Scavs bodies. Plundering them will put the thing in your possession.Interchange is likewise a hotspot for this thing, as it can as a rule be found on lower retires in OLI at the back of the store close to the front workplaces.