Can you buy Roubles in Escape from tarkov?

  • This key must be utilized multiple times. It opens two more extraction focuses in Factory and a discretionary room that can be utilized in the "Awful rep proof" journey It can likewise make the ways for the gatekeeper working close to the new service station in the crane yard and the entryways of the fuel big haulers on Interchange.

    This key can bring forth in a few areas on Customs. In the three-story dormitories inside the gatekeeper office on the ground floor, it very well may be found on a table close to the wrecked TV. In a blue storage in a structure on the southeastern side of Customs only south of the smokestacks Escape From Tarkov Roubles. The structure is close to the lootable blue van. At last, it can likewise be found on the ground close to a solid ring only west of the old corner store in the southeastern finish of the guide. This key can likewise be gotten as an award for the "Spa Tour – Part 7" journey for Peacekeeper. You can likewise exchange a pre-owned adaptation of this key alongside a MRE and four Iskra lunch boxes to Jaeger at Level 2 for a shiny new one.