Sytop Stellite Alloy (Applications and Service)

  • Cobaltalloy is a professional enterprise engaged in stellite alloy production. Our company specializes in manufacturing Stellite Alloy and cobalt alloy. We provide customers with products of excellent quality at a competitive price.

    Application of Sytop Stellite Alloy Blade :

    Sytop Stellite Aloy Blade are used for the production line which produce viscose staple fibre , we have built cooperation with several big manufacturers around the World。

    We can supply Free samples for customer to try and test , our factory guarantee the high quality

    The cutter blades are consumable products and life-span is about half a month for each blade. we are more flexible and good sales service .

    Service of Sytop Stellite Alloy Blade

    1.Research and development(R &D): We have a mature technical team that can assist customers to develop new products and grow together;

    2.Design: We can provide free design according to the samples or drawings provided by customers;

    3.Customer service: We can provide complete customer service support, including logistics, technical services, equipment commissioning etc;

    4.Processing: We can provide OEM manufacturing services according to customer’s demand.

    Note: The price is determined by the design drawings and mould size (diameter and thickness), please provide the drawings or sample data to us, we will give you a quote ASAP(within 8 hours).

    We have produced 30 specifications blades until now and can accept customer made products , the new mould need 20 days to finish. Welcome your visit.