The instructor for each class are located in this Gate area's f

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    From level 1 to level 20: Get familiar with Phantasy Star Online 2 port. Stop by all areas of the boat: the lobby the café, the casino of Franca, your own room. Can Afin and Cofy missions (Gate area); Jan (Shop area), and Sophia (Franca's café). These will help you understand Phantasy Star Online 2 even more, will allow you to acquire your subclass, your mag and your auxiliar; and you will unlock harvesting and fishing options on exploration maps.I highly advise that you perform the tutorials for all the classes: that will let you be aware of the classes of Phantasy Star Online 2, its weapons and the way they are used. It is going to also help you make a decision about which class you enjoy the most and to feed your MAG.

    The instructor for each class are located in this Gate area's first floor. They're: Oza, a young man with green hair in a ponytail. He's the instructor for the Fighter and Hunter courses. A lady with navy and white blue parts, risa. She is the teacher of the Gunner and Ranger classes. Idk), a tiny human lady with pink hair. She is the instructor of the Techter and Force classes. A human woman with red hair in a ponytail, azanami. She's this Braver class' instructor. Katori (Newman lady with dark hair and a pink costume) and Saga (CAST man with dark blue parts), are the instructors of the Bouncer class. Pietro, a Deuman man with green hair and dark blue costume, is the teacher of the Summoner class. At this stage the weapon and the units you have aren't very essential in Phantasy Star Online 2. However, I recommend that you learn how to upgrade them.

    She's in the Title Counter, on the side of the Gate to the campship. A window will open that displays earned upon talking with her. Then, a more complete collection of the Titles that were acquired is revealed, and people you have not already maintained rewards for are listed in crimson text. Just click one, and you'll receive the rewards and the capacity to decide on that Title to display over your operative's name. (in the PSO2 webpage )

    From level 20 to level 40: now you can enter these maps' tough difficulty. In case you haven't done your course teacher's missions yet, now is a great time to perform them. Io, Amelin, Franca and Kressida (shopping area) will have assignments for you. It's possible to use Kressida's missions as a way to visit different areas of every planet, and in case you haven't done Afin's missions yet, you can certainly do them along with Kressida's missions. You can do assignments from Amelin Io and Franca later. Don't forget to keep doing the assignments of Cofy. Also, there is a quest from your class instructor (at par 30) which will provide you 5 Skill Points to invest in your skilltree. Don't forget to do these assignments for buy meseta pso2 your primary course and your subclass.