Let us hope New Genesis fixes some of the shit

  • Moreover, they ought to rename the PSO2 Meseta sport "Menus: The Game."

    Let us hope New Genesis fixes some of the shit.

    The JP weapon camo record on arks-visiphone is currently lacking a ton of camos. You may choose to refer to this japanese wiki instead(just use chrome's construct in translator if JP is a problem).

    Swiki has everything out of weapons, to cosmetics to misc. information. It is worth checking out, even if you have to use the machine translation that is awful.

    I must lvl 40 want this or subclass til somebody asked me

    Yeah, oof. The game is not very good at telling you of things like that. Not everyone would like to do every side quest in a game to determine what unlocks what.

    When you complete the prologue and arrive in the lobby, then the match literally prevents you from doing anything, show you a movie, then force you to obey the NPC who then proceeds to tell you the Arks Main Mission is your tutorial.

    The Arks Main Mission lets you talk to Afin (for basic palette usage), talk to Cofy (for unlocks), talk to Jan (for societal ), do clinic quests, receive an auxiliary, utilize the EX-Cube shop, etc..

    These matters aren't side quests, although I can understand that people need to skip to the action. They are the tutorial.

    Although I acknowledge the translation often try too difficult to cheap meseta pso2 follow along with along with Japanese text, and frequently fail to convey what's really being said.