I skipped 2k21 and was considering getting this one

  • I skipped 2k21 and was 2K21 MT considering getting this one

    It's an account that is not your primary. Like another account. Usually a smurf is someone that's like Elite two who plays on a Guru 3 account to get games easier. This is terrible. The thing is borderline unplayable, they're selling their soul to the E-Gaming bullshit, I am outside, pass. Sticking to 19 as I were last season too.

    First person shooters over concentrated on this for a little while also. It directed to cookie cutter maps. Gameplay innovation can come to a halt if teams are always a slave to market audience. I'm not sure the aim meter has to be something that is a negative to non egamers. There is benefit to not needing to be concerned about timing. You don't have to be concerned about unique timing windows such as fade aways. You don't need to worry about memorizing different shooters techniques and only playing as specific teams that you're use to. I didn't feel natural using it even after practice but if they improved upon it I could see it being better than time.

    When I'm purchasing it, after Christmas, for 20 dollars, first thing I'm doind is reversing it to the classic shot meter. Bruh how tf do I use the shot stick effectively and whats its objective. All im doing is wide right layups. If I only use. Guru Stick jump shooting is mainly based on planning. Pull down and then adjust depending on the meter. I am unfamiliar with this lol. Just how am I supposed to adjust a euro step layup in the lane in a split second?

    You start as you normally would, and then swing the stick to aim. It requires some practice to get used to. I didnt understand shot time is completely gone now. That holding the pole as long as possible is actually helpful and not a really overdue release. I jumped 2k21 and was considering getting this one, receive a new 2k every couple of decades.

    However, myLeague may be a little laggy in deeper seasons on console, so in case you can get it on PC that would be optimal. Its downloaded as speak, I could waste the Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins other $55 I was gonna invest on 2k21 on something else I dont need.NBA 2K21 Demo starter pack