Once his season ended that he was free to return to the NBA

  • Instead of staying unsigned in Free 15, fringe/unsigned NBA players can sign contracts in Europe/China/abroad. Would help even though he's got a deal. What is the difference between being stashed in Europe and playing in Europe? Not OP, however, the difference may be that Euro-Stash are 2K21 MT under team control, while playing in Europe, in his example Mirotic, they are under contract by another team in Europe.

    Once his season ended that he was free to return to the NBA. So a Playing option would be the participant looks in the FA pool but it would say,"Playing in China, qualified to signal on March 1" So you signal the participant and can not go out but would have to wait patiently until that date to signal them. Looking at it, it certainly adds immersion however in NBA 2K21 where the NBA is the only playable league it does not make a lot of sense except for the people who really enjoy those intricacies (which may be a great deal of people, but probably not the people 2K tends to advertise NBA 2K21 towards).

    Have not China/Euro league players easily gotten from contracts (buying out themselves ) if an NBA team wants them? I know what the proposal is now (thanks), it simply doesn't seem that different from getting"Playing in Europe" players in the FA pool. I'd imagine pobably a few have gone this route. Bogut stuck cause he was the league MVP and his group was moving to a championship. I am not entirely sold on that being an option in 2K21 unless there's something I am overlooking from OP about how it would impact NBA 2K21.

    I sort of see how it is. I do think it's little details like this could help round out NBA 2K21, make it realistic. I can not deny that, it would be unique, but the amount of work needed compared to value for the business I do not think they'll do it. When they had the Euroleague rosters, I liked. If they added it again then I think you'd get an argument. I'd mixed feelings about the EuroLeague, In all honesty.

    I believe that was a great deal of people that were supposed to appreciate it (Europeans) didn't enjoy it as far as 2K might have hoped. But yeah, it would be nice to have something in that respect, but I suppose it might need 2K to register a new licensing agreement with EuroLeague, and I'm not certain if there's anything in the works for it. Dream scenario for me would be 2K which would enable National Teams to be part of NBA 2K21, and also the FIBA-run Basketball Champions League. Which all may make for buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins a MyCareer narrative well.

    Next year, some matters 2K must do