Exuding the Spirit of the Sea, Weekend a La Mer Children's Clot

  • Although relatively new to the world of children's fashion, Weekend a la Mer children's clothes clothes have quickly gained popularity amongst both parents and children, and are now highly sought after by style-minded moms and dads all over the world. The brand was first founded in France in 1988, specializing in clothes for infants and children up to 8 years of age. The company's clothes all feature distinct nautical designs that are highly reminiscent of vintage beach and nautical wear.

    Weekend a la Mer, which translates to "Weekend by the Sea" in English, has grown to become synonymous with Breton stripe styles. The brand's signature navy and white shirts have come to define them over the years, forging an even close relationship to fashion for the beach and water. The brand has also added red and white designs, as well as pink and white outfits for infants and toddlers.

    The brand boasts of a small, yet impressive collection of children's clothes that feature classic and sophisticated designs. While it's true that the range of Weekend children's clothes aren't as extensive as other, more established, designer labels for children, Weekend a la Mer more than makes up for it with its fantastic styles that are reminiscent of traditional nautical fashion. Staying true to its roots, the company aims to bring the feel and sophistication of clothes normally seen in coastal French communities to the world of children's fashion.

    Weekend a la Mer children's clothes feature designs that clearly speak of the brand's home country. France has always been blessed to have amiable weather, and Weekend's designs revolve around this fact, with clothes that are functional, comfortable and made for wear in the outdoors. Weekend a la Mer children's clothes exude the spirit and fun of living by the water, something which they have seamlessly integrated into clothes for kids.

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