China Printing Fabric Suppliers Introduces The Use Process Of S

  • According to China Printing Fabric Suppliers , seersucker is a thin fabric woven with plain weave and has concave-convex bubbles. The seersucker has a unique appearance, strong three-dimensional sense, light and thin texture, soft touch, not close to the body, cool and comfortable, and does not need ironing after washing.

    According to the principle of forming bubbles, seersucker is mainly divided into weaving seersucker, alkali shrinking seersucker and so on.

    The raw material for weaving seersucker is pure cotton or polyester/cotton yarn, and the density of the bubble warp is greater than that of the ground warp, or the bubble warp is made of strands, and the ground warp is made of single yarn. When weaving, the amount of let-off of the bubble warp is larger than that of the ground warp, and then dyed and finished loosely processed the cell warp to form beautiful and uneven bubbles. The bubble fastness of woven seersucker is better. Alkali shrinkage seersucker uses the principle that the diameter of cotton fibers increases and the length is shortened when they encounter concentrated lye.

    Alkali shrinkage seersucker is a dyed or printed pure cotton fine and special plain weave fabric base. According to the design requirements, lye is printed on the surface of the fabric, so that the surface of the fabric forms an lye part and a lye-free part, and the lye part is distributed. The surface shrinks, and the part without lye does not shrink, forming uneven bubbles. The bubble fastness of alkali shrinkage seersucker is poor, and the bubble fastness is improved after resin finishing. In addition, two kinds of fibers with different shrinkage properties can be spun into yarns and arranged at intervals. After weaving, dyeing and finishing, due to the different shrinkage of the yarns, uneven bubbles are formed on the cloth surface. The bubble fastness of this seersucker is good.

    According to different printing and dyeing processing methods, it is divided into dyed seersucker, printed seersucker, and yarn-dyed seersucker. Seersucker is mainly used as a fabric for women's and children's summer dresses, as well as decorative items such as bedspreads and curtains. When washing seersucker, it is not advisable to soak it in hot water, and it is not advisable to scrub and twist it hard. It does not need to be ironed after washing, so as not to affect the bubble fastness.