How Many Types Of Plastic Ball Valve Are There?


    There are three primary types of plastic ball valvethat are described by the ball's movement:

    Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve - This type of ball valve includes an extra mechanical anchoring system at its top and bottom that makes it more suitable for use where there are higher pressures involved. That's because the included trunnion mounted stem absorbs extra thrust or pressure from the pipeline and prevents any excess friction that would otherwise impact operations and reduce working life.

    Floating Ball Valve - Floating ball valves don't have the added steading component of the trunnion and are instead connected only to the stem. This gives floating ball valves their name as this causes the ball to 'float' downstream of the flow so that it presses against the seat to creating its own seal.

    Rising Ball Valve - This genre of ball valves uses a tilt-and-turn process to reduce the opportunity for seal rubbing -- seal rubbing is one of the leading factors of premature valve failure. When the valve is turned to the closed position, the core wedges against its seating for full shutoff. When the valve is turned to the open position, that center core tilts away from the seal to allow the liquid or gas flow to pass uniformly across.

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