Some Information About Gunpowder 3505


    How is GUNPOWDER 3505 made?
    After the leaves are picked, they are withered and then immediately steamed or fired to prevent oxidation. This lack of oxidation, compared to fully oxidised black teas, is what gives gunpowder 3505 its vibrant green colour and fresh, vegetal flavour. It is also why gunpowder 3505 are so packed full of natural antioxidants.

    What does gunpowder 3505 taste like?
    The gunpowder 3505 can range from the sweet, floral character of a Chinese green, such as Jade Tips, to an intense vegetal Japanese Sencha, the flavour depending on where the leaves are grown and how the leaves are heated. gunpowder 3505 is widely believed to be bitter in taste. However, this is usually due to burning the leaves with boiling water. When brewed at lower temperatures the resulting flavour should be smooth, clean and even sweet.

    How much caffeine is there in gunpowder 3505?
    All green teas differ in the amount of caffeine they release but overall green tea won’t leave you feeling jittery in the same way as coffee might. That’s because green tea also contains L-theanine, a natural amino acid that provides both a calming effect of its own, as well as slows down the release of caffeine into the bloodstream. The combination of the two therefore means green tea provides a long-lasting, jitter-free buzz.

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