Failure Analysis Of Rice Planting Machine

  • Rice Planting Machine is a machine specialized in planting rice seeds.  It can replace manual seeding and complete the whole seeding work at one time, which not only saves a lot of time but also has high seeding quality.  But sometimes the rice planter breaks down at work, so what should we do?
    In fact, the failure of the rice planter mainly occurs on the seed metering device, because the seed metering device is the core part of the whole work.  Sometimes the seeder works but the seed metering device does not work. It may be that the seed trellis or outlet is blocked, or the connecting pin between the seed metering shaft and the grooved pulley is broken. If a fault is found, sundries should be cleaned and parts replaced in time.  Sometimes it may be found that the seed metering device does not meter seeds or the seed metering device does not meter seeds but the seed slot does not have seeds, which may be that the transmission gear is not meshed and should be adjusted in time.  Sometimes it will be found that the seeds are being planted all the time and cannot stop at all, so it is necessary to check whether the separation pin of the clutch strut falls off or the separation gap is too small, and the fixing and adjustment should be timely replaced.
    In fact, the failure of the rice planter is mainly due to people's insufficient awareness of inspection and maintenance. As long as we inspect and maintain the rice planter before and after use, the failure can be basically prevented.