WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS × KEY given by KEY, Drama Tic RPG "Heaven

  • Fly Like A Bird is a song from the American artist Mariah Carey, exit in advertising single on April 3, 2006 at Island Records as well as from his tenth cd Studio: The Emancipation of Mimi (2005 ). Composed and also generated by Carey and James "Big Jim" Wright, the tune is motivated by Gospel, Spirit and also R & B. Its music framework is constructed on the tunes of a piano as well as a guitar and also has a speech from the pastor Clarence Keaton who recites 2 knowledgeables of the Holy bible throughout the introduction and also the bridge. Carey explains Fly Like a bird as one of the most spiritual as well as individual track of The Emancipation of Mimi since the lyrics look like a prayer for God: "Fly Like A Bird, Require To the Sky, I Need You Now Lord, Carry Me High! " Carey translates the track at numerous occasions: the 48th Grammy Honors ceremony, the Shelter from the Tornado concert: A show for the Gulf Coast and also Idolizer Offers Back. In enhancement, Carey interprets the tune throughout his trips.

    WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS × KEY Given by Wright Flyer Studios Red Release Release Release Last Promotional Broadcasting was notified that delivery was determined from 20:00 (Thursday).

    WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS × KEY gives Drama Tic RPG "Heaven Burns Red", "Release Last Pretty Broadcasting" at Official YouTube Channel is conducted from 20:00 on February 3, 2022.

    From the 31A unit to the main character of the story, the main character Hiromori Samurai, Mr. Moriko Izumi, Komori Yuki, Higashiyako Hikasa, Yuka Higashiyako, Yoshida Asakura, Kogyo-san Koga-san Appeared.

    Publish "Final Trailer" which will be the last PV before the official release!

    In addition, we will also announce game information and future large-scale promotional development!

    And, please take a look at this live broadcast on which special live by Yanagi Nigi is also held.

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    ■ Live broadcast outline date 20: 00-Broadcast medium ▼ Youtube https://youtu.be/8cfxfgtcl0g ▼ Nico Nico live broadcast https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv335474473 performer Atsushi Tomori : Yuki Yuki (Kayomaru) Role of Yuki Yuki (Izumi Yuki) Role of Yuki (Izumi Yuki) Rina Higashi-Shimasa (Toshika Tsukasa) LORY Saisawa: Koga Koga (Asakura Karen) Role Koga: Koga Tama (Kunimo Tama) Role Taguchi Shihira (Hubenbuns Red Producer) [Special Live] Yanagi Nigi [VTR appearance] Iwaki Aikawa: Aikawa Megumi (Aikawa Megumi) role

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    Title: Heaven Burns Red Genre: RPG Platform: IOS / Android Release: February 2022 Copy Light: (C) WFS Developed by Wright Flyer Studios (C) Visual Arts / Key Creator: WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS × Key Azagawa Yuugin NA-GA / Human / Marayaka / Yuigen Masagi Associate Masau Masagawa × Nagi ▼ "Heaven Burns Red" Official Site https://heaven-burns-Red.com/

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