NBA 2K20: Pink Diamond Magic Johnson widely used card

  • If you're an NBA 2K20 hardcore triple online player and haven't managed to insert a pink diamond Magic Johnson card into the package opening, or haven't stuck it in the auction area, then you might want to take it as a task.

    I firmly believe that he may be the most widely used card in the game, and I highly recommend it to players. If you lack NBA 2K20 MT, you can Buy Cheap NBA 2K20 MT at GameMS, the price is very affordable. This will ensure that you are not afraid of competition from most of your opponents.

    Take a look at the card levels and badges:

    I've run an improved TTO lineup of PD Magician Johnson, Galaxy Opal Ray Allen, and PD Gilbert Arenas, which is a difficult one to handle trio. If the defensive player helps when the big dribble is defeated, the magic's passing ability allows him to find open three-point shooters in the air.

    This is a deadly attacking strategy that usually requires opponents to stop PD Janis, Diamond Pascal Siakam or Diamond Lamar Odom. Even then, they will still need two other defenders with at least the Gold Clamps badge to conquer your other two outside guys so they don't dribble to disrupt the defense.

    While all these offenses are good, the true versatility of the Magic shines defensively. As I said, from a level and badge perspective, he has everything he needs, but his passive advantages (height and weight) are the real gems. At 6 minutes and 9 seconds, Magic cards can withstand most late gamers, especially those who are very popular in TTO and have real agility and versatility.

    If you do not have MT, then it is recommended that you Buy 2K20 MT at GameMS, have no assets for sale, and have no patience for MT bidding, then you will have to take this card out of the Frostbite package. The package is only available before Wednesday, and a box of 10 is priced at 135,000 VC. A guaranteed frostbite card is included in each package.