Stainless Steel Cabinet Manufacturers Takes You Through The Ana

  • Cabinets are different from ordinary furniture. Water and electricity are used in the kitchen. The use environment is relatively complicated. Therefore, a qualified cabinet product must meet the three requirements of “waterproof, fireproof and environmental protection”.

    The mainstream cabinet materials on the market are mainly wood, whether it is particle board, multi-layer board, solid wood board... In the end, it belongs to the category of wood material, and the fear of water is the pain point that wood board cannot be completely solved from the root. In the production of wood-based panels, wood pellets are pressed by high temperature and high pressure of glue, and the surface of solid wood board is painted by paint. Whether it is glue or paint, it contains formaldehyde and other harmful substances for human health, which is also a barrier to the wooden cabinets.

    In the hot search keywords, "stainless steel", "stainless steel countertops", "stainless steel cabinets" are ranked higher. Let's take a look at the advantages of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers about stainless steel.

    First, durable

    Stainless steel cabinets can be waterproof, fireproof, anti-mite, anti-corrosion, and durable, no cracking, no deformation, the current stainless steel cabinet manufacturers bear the cabinet warranty for 30 years, durable for 50 years.

    Second, health

    According to the demographic structure analysis of the decoration consumer groups, the current main group is 80, 90, no longer after 60, 70, the younger generation in the decoration and consumption, pay more attention to health and safety.

    Now even the environmentally-friendly standard E0 wood cabinets on the market can only represent the current release of formaldehyde, which does not mean that the formaldehyde content is small. In the later use of the cabinet, the cabinet plate will be deformed by moisture expansion, or after cracking, it will be greatly increased. Large amount of formaldehyde released. As a food processing and storage tool, cabinets will endanger food safety and bring health hazards if their materials contain and continuously release toxic substances.

    Third, environmental protection

    The life cycle of wooden cabinets is relatively short, the manufacturer's warranty period will not exceed 5 years, and the average use will be replaced in 8.72 years. When replacing, the old cabinets can only be discarded as garbage, and can no longer be recycled; and the cabinets are removed and the garbage is troublesome, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Stainless steel cabinets are durable, extending product life cycles and reducing social resource consumption, and can be recycled even if they are no longer used. And stainless steel cabinets do not produce waste and dust like wooden cabinets, and they are increasingly loved by environmentalists.

    In addition to the above factors, with the rapid development of the stainless steel cabinet industry, stainless steel cabinets are increasingly recognized by consumers. At present, stainless steel cabinets have been chilled and monotonous in appearance, not only with colorful and colorful stainless steel cabinets, but also with wood-grained stainless steel cabinets with rich texture. In particular, the surface texture of wood grain stainless steel cabinets is realistic and powerful. There are tens of thousands of choices, not only wood grain, but also stone, cloth and skin, which can be perfectly matched with other furniture.