Stainless Steel Laundry Sink Design Considerations

  • Stainless steel laundry sink design notes:
    1, to distinguish the primary and secondary, clear functions.
    The slightly new homes have 2-3 balconies. Before the renovation, the main balcony and the secondary balcony should be separated to define the function of each balcony. The balcony adjacent to the living room and the master bedroom is the main balcony. The function should be based on leisure and fitness. It can be installed as a gym, tea room, etc. The decorative materials of the calcium silicate board wall and the floor should also be consistent with the living room; Adjacent to the kitchen or the living room, the room other than the main bedroom, mainly storage, washing, decoration can be simpler.

    2, pay attention to the quality of the package.
    The quality of the balcony package is the key to the balcony decoration. Pay attention to its resistance to wind and the installation should be firm. It is necessary to seal well, otherwise it will be equal to no seal. The lower part of the window sash is most likely to seep water. Generally, a gap of 2 cm is reserved under the window frame, and it is filled with a special sealant or cement. If there is a window sill, it is necessary to make a running slope.

    3, pay attention to safety.
    The balcony structure of most homes is not designed for load bearing. Usually the load capacity per square meter is no more than 400 kg, so it is necessary to understand its load when decorating the balcony. The decoration storage should not exceed its load, and the heavy furniture should be placed as little as possible to avoid danger. There is a wall between the living room and the balcony. The door and window on the wall can be removed. The lower half of the window must not be dismantled. It has a weight-respecting wall on the building structure and plays a role in supporting the balcony. If it is removed, it will seriously affect it. The balcony is safe. When closing the balcony, try not to spread out the balcony in order to expand the space. This is not only dangerous, but also unsightly, and the property management department is not allowed.

    4, pay attention to waterproof and drainage treatment.
    Many families set up faucets on the balcony, place the washing machine, and wash the clothes directly to dry, or set the sink in the kitchen to use in the kitchen. This requires the waterproof layer and drainage system of the balcony floor. If the drainage and waterproof treatment are not good, water and leakage will occur.