The Common Space For Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinets Is The Ba

  • There are many uses for balconies, and now balcony laundry cabinets are becoming a trend. Not only convenient, practical and beautiful, it is increasingly popular with consumers. However, the balcony laundry cabinet can not be designed casually, it requires skill, otherwise it will not add points, it may also reduce points! So how do the balcony laundry cabinet design work? What elements do you need for a balcony laundry cabinet?

    The common space for stainless steel washing machines is balcony, bathroom, kitchen, because these three locations are relatively convenient to use water. The best space to use is the balcony, because the Chinese people are used to drying clothes, usually in the balcony, so the washing machine is placed on the balcony, the moving line is the shortest and convenient.

    Whether the washing machine can put the balcony, the first thing to look at is whether there is a drain pipe on the balcony or not. If there is no water inlet pipe, it is more convenient to pick up one after the decoration.

    1. How to design a Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet on the balcony?

    If it is a new decoration, I personally recommend custom or self-built, because it can be done according to the type of apartment, can better fit the situation of their own, and make reasonable use of every inch of space. It is better to use stainless steel because stainless steel is easy to clean and has a long service life.

    1. What elements are needed for a good stainless steel laundry cabinet?

    A washbasin, sometimes you can wash your hands, or wash your underwear, socks and other small clothes, the upper cabinet, empty is also empty, do the upper cabinet to increase storage capacity, open partition or lattice, you can place some Frequently used things, can also be placed some small green plants to beautify the balcony space, under the cabinet lights, this and the cabinet a reason, can avoid the night backlight, a small towel bar, hang a small hand towel, when washing hands can Use, if you don't make a cabinet, use a small rack is also very good, the cabinet does not need to be full, leaving a certain space to place a dirty clothes

    Nowadays, there are more and more households using dryers, which are usually stacked to save space. The independent dryer is better than the two-in-one washing machine. Generally, the drying effect will be better. Of course, the wash basin, the upper cabinet and the open grid. The elements above the cabinet, the towel bar, the dirty clothes, the mini washing machine, and the dryer are not all done, and it is difficult to do all of them. You can choose according to your needs, actual size and economic conditions.