Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Share Details Of

  • The kitchen has always been an important place in the home, so people pay special attention to the decoration of the kitchen when decorating, so how to choose the kitchen cabinet, many people will choose stainless steel because of its practicality, because it is easy to clean, Long life and so on, then you know how to choose a quality stainless steel cabinet, next to the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers to see the details of the choice of cabinets.

    First, the steel plate must be straight. Usually, large enterprises adopt the imported automatic CNC Amada laser machine to fold the edge. The naked eye looks straight and has a straight line. There is little uplift and unevenness, and the touch is very smooth and smooth.

    The second is to look at the hole. In particular, the opening of the wire at the interface of the cabinet must be 100% accurate. The so-called difference is a thousand miles. If the opening of the wire at the joint of the cabinet is not accurate, it will affect the final assembly effect.

    Third, look at the solder joints. The cabinets produced by the general manufacturers are completely disassembled, the cabinets do not need to be welded, and there is no solder joint. However, the cabinets produced by the small factories are densely welded everywhere when they are not installed. Secondly, the countertops and hand washing are used. At the intersection of the basin and the edge of the panel, the brand products with high technology and high requirements, the joints are usually smooth and smooth, and the traces of welding are not visible to the naked eye. However, some small workshops produce products with no corresponding mechanical equipment and welding traces at the junction. It is usually very noticeable, seriously affecting the aesthetics and comfort during use.