Storage Cabinet For Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet Coup

  • Your balcony is only used to dry clothes. It is OUT. It can be a study room or a laundry room. Below, Xiaobian will send five kinds of varied balcony spaces to learn other people's balcony expansion. %, can be beautiful and generous!

    1. Stainless Steel Laundry Cabinet + laundry room

    There is not enough bathroom space, no separate laundry room? It is a good idea to customize a nest for the washing machine on the balcony; only one cabinet, not only the laundry room, but also solve the storage problem at home. A large storage space hides the washing machine and all the mess in the cabinet; if you want to stay at home and maintain a beautiful temperament, you can add a small dressing mirror in the middle of the cabinet, and the mood can become more beautiful~

    1. Laundry room + storage cabinet + green area

    The washing machine is placed in a bathroom that is afraid of getting wet, and the kitchen is occupied by the place. The balcony can be used well. In addition to laundry, you can also design storage cabinets, plant flowers and plants, etc.; a multi-purpose, simply can not be better!

    1. Storage room, double storage

    The porch space is too small, can't fit all kinds of high-heeled shoes to accompany you to kill the workplace? Customize a locker on one side of the balcony or the entire space. The storage space is doubled, which is equivalent to one more storage room. The embedded cabinet not only occupies the leisure space of the balcony, but also can accommodate the shoes that can not be installed under the porch or the debris in the house; well, tailor-made, neat and practical, this is what the balcony storage room should look like.

    1. Balcony bookcase, one more study room

    Is it sometimes that the room is not enough, is it a study? Then come to a bookcase and make the balcony into a study room. After all, the balcony is in the "outdoor" zone, and the lighting is the best. If you are tired of reading books, you can leave your eyes and let your eyes rest. To the top design, the storage space is huge, not only can meet your collection needs, but also help you to store a lot of daily necessities; you can also put a small size desk next to it, to write homework for your child, or to handle it yourself. Point work, all good.

    1. Washing table + storage cabinet + leisure area

    For a wider balcony, you can add a wash basin next to the washing machine to wash clothes, wash fruits, wash your hands, etc., or dress up; the rest of the space can be set as a dining and leisure area, usually eat or weekend friends become More emotional.