Stainless Steel Laundry Sink Purchase Rules


    Selection rules for Stainless Steel Laundry Sink :

    1. The depth of the sink should be 200mm.

    The detail design of the sink is very important, and the vertical angle of the basin wall of 90 degrees can increase the use area of ​​the sink. The depth of the sink should be about 200mm, so that the tableware can be washed more conveniently and can prevent splashing. If the water hole is in the center of the sink, the laundry cabinet can't put anything. The water hole below is behind, and the water pipe is installed on the wall. Ok, not only does it get off the water, but it also makes effective use of space.

    According to the washing characteristics of Chinese households, it is necessary to have a large diameter and must have a water control function that is controlled by the system. This can solve the inconvenience that the washing must be picked up and discharged when the water needs to be removed during washing.

    2. The water inlet has steel ball positioning for quick discharge

    Generally, the plastic pipe fittings, especially the hoses, are not heat-resistant, easy to age, and the interface is easy to fall off and leak. The sealing material of the PP material has a high degree of sealing to prevent water leakage.

    The water inlet needs to be positioned by steel ball and squeezed. The positioning of the steel ball is the key to the sewage discharge. The positioning quality of the steel ball is good, and the sewage can be quickly eliminated. In addition, the design of the downpipe as an S shape can reduce the back smell of the sewer. The overflow device ensures the safety of the kitchen.

    A protective coating is added to the bottom of the sink for quiet and anti-condensation. Although the water tank does not seep water, the outer wall of the water tank is prone to condensation of water vapor, which is disadvantageous to the cabinet. Applying a special coating on the outside of the sink not only absorbs water vapor, but also reduces the noise generated by the collision of water and sink during washing. A better coating is to use a mortar to spray the entire surface of the sink. Ordinarily, a rubber gasket is attached to the bottom to provide a silent sound effect.

    3. Sink installation

    When the sink is installed, the position reserved for the countertop should match the volume of the sink. When ordering the countertop, the approximate size of the sink of the countertop supplier should be informed to avoid rework.

    At present, most branded sinks provide on-site installation services, but reservations need to be made two or three days in advance. Many owners buy the sink and use it directly for the decoration workers to install, but many brands of sinks stipulate that if you do not specify the installation personnel to install, the sink will be responsible for water leakage and other issues.

    One end of the inlet pipe on the faucet is connected to the water inlet switch. When installing, pay attention to the firmness of the joint, and pay attention to the position of the hot and cold water pipes.

    After the general sink is bought, the worker will cut the countertop of the cabinet according to the size of the sink. After the countertop is placed, it is necessary to install a matching hanging piece between the trough and the countertop. The sink should be installed firmly and the tank should not be shaken from side to side. The installation of the sink is not a big project in the whole decoration, but pay attention to the sealing of the joint as much as possible during the installation process.

    After the installation is completed, a drainage test is carried out, the water tank is filled with water, and the drainage of the sewage water and the overflow hole is tested. If there is any water seepage when draining, rework immediately. After the drainage test, ensure that there is no problem, the sink can be sealed. When sealing with silicone, ensure that the gap between the sink and the table is even and there is no water seepage.