How To Properly Maintain Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet

  • Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their own image and taste. The bathroom cabinet not only looks good in appearance, but also has decorative features, and it can also increase the storage function of the bathroom. However, there are many kinds of bathroom cabinets on the market. After long-term use, the problem of deformation of the cabinet often occurs. Xiaobian shares several methods to prevent the deformation of the bathroom cabinet. In general, the deformation of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet is mainly due to the following three:

    First, the choice of materials and their quality are not enough;
    Second, bumps occur during transportation, causing damage to the protective film on the surface of the material;
    The third is the bathroom bumps, long-term collision is easy to damage the bathroom cabinet.

    For the above reasons, let's look for a preventive method:

    First of all, the brand is very important when choosing a bathroom cabinet. There are many types of bathroom cabinets on the market, so it is easy to be confused when choosing. Generally speaking, for a good brand, quality and after-sales are more secure. After getting the bathroom cabinet, first check the surface for any bumps, if any, find the merchant to return.

    Secondly, when installing the wash basin on the bathroom cabinet, be sure to seal the seam with glass glue. Prevents water vapor from entering the interior of the cabinet through the gap, causing the entire storage section to be wet, and the material is deformed and even smells. At this time, the bathroom cabinet can not only play a role in storage, but also affect the mood of the whole day.

    Then, in order to reduce the impact of moisture on the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom must be kept ventilated. Always open the window, open the exhaust fan, it is best to dry and wet separation. At the same time, the bathroom cabinet is best to choose the higher cabinet legs, and with 304 stainless steel feet, the back of the cabinet is best not to be close to the wall, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground and wall.

    Finally, usually pay attention to the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet, and timely clean up the water on the cabinet.

    In life, splashing water from the basin faucet is inevitable. However, the joint between the basin and the countertop should be kept dry to prevent the splashing water from staying on the counter for a long time, resulting in deformation of the material of the cabinet. At this time, choose a foam-rich, soft faucet is a good way to protect the bathroom cabinet.