It Is Important To Learn To Properly House The Space Under The

  • The cabinet space under the sink is often overlooked because of the twisted eighteen bends. Many people have treated the area with the attitude of “not seeing the eyes and not bothering”, but they missed an important storage space in the kitchen. In fact, as long as the method is right, the cabinets under the sink can become very large, not only can be stored in daily cleaning supplies, but even the pots and pans and trash can can be hidden.

    This area has a lot of moist water vapor and is not suitable for storing tableware and fresh food, but it is suitable for kitchen cleaning products. Prepare several different sizes of storage boxes, sort one bottle of detergent into the dishes, wash the dishes, brush the pots, clean the range hood, clean the glass... so look at the next time you look Can lock the target you want. Then the following China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturers will share the storage skills.

    First, use the telescopic rack, one layer and two layers

    The height, length and position of the shelf can be adjusted at will, and the storage space of 2-3 layers can be adjusted according to the height of the cabinet. Used in conjunction with the storage box, classified and stored. In order to avoid too many messy bottles and jars, the house sir recommends that the storage box should choose a uniform color. The telescopic rack not only houses cleaning supplies, but tools like pots and sinks can all be hidden in the cabinet.

    Second, custom shaped cabinets, cleverly avoiding the pipeline

    Changing the structure inside the cabinet drawer can also cleverly avoid the sewer pipe. The “U-shaped” drawers like this are the most convenient, customized according to the layout and size of the pipes, and can be used as ordinary cabinet drawers. It should be noted that such a design should be communicated to the designer in advance when decorating, and the structure, layout, and size of the sewer should be fully considered.

    In order to facilitate the storage and use of the surrounding of the sink, the upper layer can also leave such a shallow drawer to store the rag and brush the tool. The storage compartment inside the cabinet is not large, but it is also sufficient to receive a scouring pad or a soap dish.

    Third, hang up, can receive more

    The perforated telescopic hanger can be adjusted according to the size of the cabinet, which is suitable for the cleaning of the nozzle. Do not let the corners of the interior of the cabinet be easily let out, such as rubber gloves, cleaning brushes, rags, garbage bags, etc., which can be hung up and stored, all hanging up with wall hanging rods or clothes hooks.

    The hole plate + hook can also be used to enter the space inside the cabinet, and the ingenious friends can also add lights to the crowded small space. When the interior space is not enough, the cabinet door can also come together. Taking into account the bearing capacity of the door panel, try not to hang a big one, one is afraid that the door will not close, and the second will affect the normal storage inside the cabinet. When choosing a wall-free storage box or shelf that is free of punching, try to choose a small and light style.

    Fourth, the storage under the sink

    Before planning storage, thorough cleaning and cleaning is necessary; the upper wall of the cabinet can be covered with waterproof mats, and there will be water leakage when placed in daily use; auxiliary storage tools can be selected: storage box, hole plate, telescopic rod, rack, hanging Clothes hooks, wall hanging boxes, etc.; the moisture vapor under the sink is large. If you need to store food, you need to use a sealed box.