How To Prevent Splashing Of China Stainless Steel Sink

  • Do you have this experience? The sink is too shallow to splash water, and the washing capacity is not enough; the sink is too deep and not beautiful, and it is difficult to bend and wash things. So how do we choose a China Stainless Steel Sink ? Is a single basin sink or a double basin sink good? "This problem has always plagued all the renovated families, but it still depends on everyone's habits in the kitchen.

    In the case of limited kitchen space, if you choose a single basin, it is best to use a stainless steel basin or a drain basket. If you choose a double basin, then a large one and a small, double basin that can wash the pot is more suitable, size selection, in fact, many times, the primary factor limiting the single and double basin is the size of the kitchen itself. Generally, the width of the sink is +10cm, and the width of the cabinet is limited. The length of the sink is limited by the length of the cabinet. If the cabinet is more than 4 meters, you can choose a single basin with a length of ≥600mm or a double basin with a length of ≥750mm. If the cabinet is less than 4 meters, you have to choose a small basin.

    1. Single basin sink features:

    Advantages: The area is large enough, it is very pleasant to wash, and there is no need to put it in when the wok is washed.

    Disadvantages: no water. No matter what you wash, you need to fill the water in a single tank.
    It is inconvenient to put the wet sputum after washing the fruits and vegetables and the pots and pans. Therefore, generally use a single basin to add a drain basket, not only can easily copy the double-slot double-line convenience operation, but also relatively water-saving.

    1. Double basin sink features

    Advantages: Different foods or tableware can be placed separately, and the functional partition is more reasonable. It is recommended that if the cabinet can be placed in a double slot, it is more convenient to choose a double slot.

    Disadvantages: In many cases, the size of the two sinks is the same, which often results in insufficient length of each sink and easy splashing.

    So if the kitchen area is small, the size of the double slot is limited, you can choose the size of the double slot. Generally, the size of the chopping board and the wok are between 28 and 40 cm, so the length of the large sink is preferably ≥ 35 cm. This is more convenient when the pot is washed.