The Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Tells You That The Sink

  • Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers share tips for picking:
    1. The bottom of the sink usually has a coating. The better coating is to spray the whole surface of the sink with mortar. Normally, a rubber gasket is attached to the bottom to prevent noise: the bottom of the sink is sprayed or Sticking to the rubber sheet and not falling off, it can reduce the sound caused by the faucet water effluent on the pelvic floor, and play a buffering role to silence.

    2. Surface flatness: It is the most intuitive standard for checking the quality and grade of the sink. The line of sight is consistent with the plane of the sink. The edge of the sink should not protrude and not warp. The error is less than 0.1mm. Remind everyone to buy a sink, you can touch the wall part of the basin by hand to see if there is no drum kit, there is no drum kit for a good sink.

    3. In the case, the sink with a large cleaning volume has good practicability, and the depth is preferably about 20 cm, so that the splash can be properly prevented.

    4. The surface treatment is beautiful and practical with matte finish. The weld of the sink should be carefully observed. The weld must be even and even without rust.

    5. Beautiful, reasonable design, with overflow