Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Tells You That Plastic Wrap

  • In modern life, plastic wrap is often used for food microwave heating, refrigerator food preservation, etc. I don’t know if it can turn waste into treasure and become a clean artifact! The following Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers will tell you about the many uses of cling film.

    1. Clean the cup scale

    Wrap the used cling film a few turns on your hand and use it to directly scrub the cup where there is dirt. After repeated wiping, the cup was cleaned!

    1. Clean grease stain box

    Wrap the used cling film a few times on the hand, then directly wipe the oil stain on the crisper, and wipe it back and forth several times! After repeated wiping, the crisper is cleaned!

    1. Cleaning the sink

    Wrap the used cling film a few times on the hand and use the cling film to scrub the place where the oil stain is in the sink! You can also clean the edges and corners in the sink with plastic wrap!

    1. Using the friction of cling film

    The plastic wrap is soft in texture and strong in plasticity. It is easily deformed during the scrubbing process, and wrinkles are formed to increase the friction, so that it is easy to scrub the dirty place.

    1. Using the adhesion of cling film

    The cling film itself contains a kind of adhesive which can absorb the dirt on the surface of the kitchenware.

    Unexpectedly, the original small plastic wrap has so many clean uses! The plastic wrap used in the future can be turned into waste for reuse! Help us clean the dirt, remove the dead corners and make our life more clean and clear!